Friday, September 12, 2008

INFO: Pig-Pork in these Wrigley's Products

INFO: Pig-Pork in these Wrigley's Products
Thank you for contacting us about animal ingredients and our products.

To answer to your question, the vast majority of Wrigley products soldin the U.S. are free from ingredients of animal origin, including egg and dairy products. At present, the only chewing gum exceptions are Extra®Polar Ice stick gum and Juicy Fruit® pellet gums. Extra® Polar Ice gum and Orbit® Crystal Mint contain tiny flavor beads encased in a microscopic layer of gelatin, which is animal based. We have requested the development of a gelatin-free flavor bead that is currently being worked on by our supplier.

Juicy Fruit Graper melon and Strapple berry gums use shellac as a coating agent. The different varieties of our ALTOIDS mints do contain very small quantities of gelatin which is derived from pork .Gelatin does not impart any flavor to ALTOIDS, but it's a necessary ingredient for the texture of the mint. When we use gelatin it is thoroughly purified and dried during its manufacturing process. Our staff is continually looking at alternatives to animal gelatin, but at the moment we've not been ableto find a substitute that produces the same quality you've come to love with ALTOIDS.

Our Life Saver gummies do contain small quantities of gelatin, which is also derived from pork. It follows the same drying and purifying process as with the
Altoids. If your diet does not allow you to consume animal byproducts such as dairy, our Crème Saver line does contain cream, which is a dairy by product On the same note, our Life Saver Fusions and Life Saver gummies are produced on the same line as our
Crème Savers, so there is a chance of cross contamination. Our Crème Saver soft chews also contain a small amount of gelatin, which is pork based. We hope this information has been helpful and thanks again for contacting the Wrigley Company.
Ryné King
Consumer Affairs Representative
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Therefore according to the info above the following products of theirs are Haram:

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